No law to check foreign doctors in Britain who cannot speak English

No law to check foreign doctors in Britain who cannot speak EnglishA serious cause of concern is represented by the present European rules, according to the General Medical Council when it comes to patient safety as testing a GP’s language is banned and not knowing English to work here can be putting patients’ safety at stake.

According to the regulator, there were certain doctors who were practicing and were not able to speak English but the present European law could not tell them not to work here.

There are not enough security checks which means that fake certificates can be presented by bogus doctors who come in from other nations and those who have been suspended to work can also hide this.

Doctors who are genuine also might not be very good at operating procedures according to Britain standards due to lack of proper training and a proper healthcare system.

Daniel Ubani’s case made the GMC realize that free movement of medics across the continent needed to be checked.

Ubani was a German doctor and during his first shift as a locum GP, he had given a lethal dose of painkillers to an old man.