A Soon to be Initiated Household Health Survey in New Zealand

A Soon to be Initiated Household Health Survey in New ZealandAs declared by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, a health survey is going to be initiated at the end of this week. This survey would last for 1 year and is expected to collect information on health matters from 14,000 homes throughout the country.

According to the Health Ministry, this survey would begin in Northland, Auckland and Waikato this week. By next month, it will be rolled out to the rest of the country. According to them, the survey would focus over a range of topics including access to family doctors and after-hours services, including costs. It will also collect information regarding in-use health services, a range of behaviours affecting one’s health and common health conditions.

During the survey, one adult and one child will be invited from each selected household.

For keeping people in Christchurch away from extra stress, the ministry would be quite flexible with the interview session.

In this regard acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Mark Jacobs said "People will be asked about a range of health-related issues and behaviours, from whether they have diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure, to how much physical activity they do and whether they smoke or drink alcohol."