Downfall in Domino’s Sale

Downfall in Domino’s SaleFollowing a double-digit plunge in Ireland, Domino's Pizza discovered a further deceleration in its sales growth. However at the same time, balancing this, it has revealed quality gains in UK stores. There exist in total 672 domino stores in the UK and Ireland.

Due to amid tough economic conditions in Ireland, the business here is being hit by a clampdown in consumer spending. Domino’s group also fears about its future growth due to upcoming tough comparatives in the next quarter.

According to the records of Domino, during tenure of 13 weeks ending March 27, the company’s like-for-like sales have reduced by 10.5% in 48 stores in the Irish Republic. Whereas in UK, the sales recorded in domino stores have increased by 5.5%.

Following this, the share value of Domino's also got dropped by 8%. Its overall like-for-like sales growth had fallen from 10.5% to 4.2% in a year.

Bringing an end to its double-digit growth, Domino during the beginning of this financial year revealed that its sales growth had slowed down to 4.7% during the first seven weeks. But according to the recent figures, later its position has become more disruptive.