Health Visitor Services to Receive More Workforce

Health Visitor Services to Receive More WorkforceThere has been the selection of as many as twenty Health Centers all over England for the improvement in the visitor health services of the vicinity. This has come as a part of the wider mission of improving the wellbeing and health of the families and the children of the community.

There has been an announcement made by the Public Health Minister, Anne Milton that there shall be the commencement of a national drive in order to increase the number of health visitors.

This shall in turn help to attract more people towards this field to join in and make it a career.

The Government is hopeful of increasing the workforce of the health workers. This is a goal set till the year 2015 and the expected team by then would be 4,200 people.

This shall work in a two-way process. Besides creating jobs for many, it shall also help in eradicating unemployment. It shall further enhance the quality of health care services in the vicinity. This would be a positive sign for the care of the patients.