Weight-Loss Surgery Can Also Reduce Migraine Headaches in Addition to Weight

Weight-Loss Surgery Can Also Reduce Migraine Headaches in Addition to WeightA recent research conducted by the Psychologist, Dale S. Bond of the Miriam Hospital in Providence, R. I., and Brown University and his colleagues have found that weight-loss surgery can also help in reducing the intensity of migraine headaches.

Statistics unveil that about 28 million Americans suffer from migraines. The problem is caused by abnormal brain activity, which is activated by stress, certain foods, environmental factors, or other factors. The symptoms of migraine include nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. Migraine causes throbbing pain, which often occurs on only one side of the head.

Obese patients suffer from severe migraine problems. No exact reason behind the fact is known but some researchers believe that the inflammation typically associated with obesity may trigger excess migraines. Others claim that the fat cells may release estrogen that causes the headaches. No potential cure of the disease is known yet but experts believe that reducing fat through weight-loss surgery, commonly known as bariatric surgery can help the patients in reducing their headache.

To analyze the impact of weight-loss surgery, a study was conducted on 24 severely obese patients with average BMI of 46.6, who suffered from migraines. More than half of all patients underwent bariatric surgery and other received traditional surgery. The results found that patients who underwent bariatric surgery have reduced migraine pain along with the weight.