Eating Disorders in Childhood

Eating Disorders in ChildhoodAccording to a research by University College London (UCL) Institute of Child Health, it has been revealed that growing number of children are suffering from eating disorders including anorexia.

Experts from UCL Institute of Child Health observed children in Ireland and UK. The study was led by Dr Dasha Nicholls, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Experts said that some kids suffer from the disease because of the family history of mental illness. They added that to improve the eating disorders urgent actions are required.

Pre-teens were found to suffer eating disorders and the problem increased with the increase in their age.

The new study revealed that three in every 100,000 children under the age of 13 were found with the ailment.

Over a 14-month time span, around 208 children were confirmed with the disorder, among which girls accounted for 82pc.

According to the study, 104 (50%) of the children were admitted at hospital. After one year of observation, 73 pc were improved, 6pc were in worse condition while 10pc remained in the similar condition.

Dr. Dasha Nicholls said that the new research will be a baseline for the improvement in disease. He added that childhood eating disorders are not that easy to treat.