North Bristol NHS Trust Saves £28 Million

NHSOver the next year, Southmead and Frenchay hospitals will have £28 million in savings, especially after 450 jobs will be gone. Ruth Brunt reported to the Evening Post the cut in jobs is simply a result of naturally occurring turnovers, retirements and so on, and that they will be replacing 50% of their job vacancies.

Letters have been sent to the staff of the hospitals to let them know about the changes, why they’re happening and how they will be implemented. Meetings for the staff to have their questions answered about exactly what is going on have also been scheduled.

Mrs. Brunt said that because the North Bristol NHS Trust has made significant savings, like the ones that will be happening, that the cuts in the budget haven’t presented as huge of a challenge to them as it has to other hospitals across the nation.

“We are confident that we can continue to improve the quality of patient care and at the same time take this level of saving out”, she said. “We haven’t gone for a blanket vacancy freeze and are still recruiting to critical areas. We will be able to protect frontline services as much as possible”.

The North Bristol NHS Trust also plans to reduce the use of bank and agency staff by combining a joint bank of staff across the two hospitals in order to cover all the shifts in the city.