Gastric Bypass Might Result Into Weak Bones

Gastric-BypassA new study has been conducted by Dr. Anne-Marie Kaulfers, an Assistant Professor of pediatrics at the University of South Alabama, which suggests that teen undergoing gastric bypass weight loss are higher risk of having weak bones in the future.

To reach to this conclusion, the researcher included 61 obese teens who had gone under gastric bypass to lose their weight and he measured the bone mineral content of the subjects after two years. After comparing it with the bone mineral content at the time of bypass, he found that there was an average decline of 7.4%.

Talking about the findings of the study, he said, “At the moment, I do not think there is cause for alarm. That’s because the teens, who averaged 17 years old, still had bone mass within the normal range, she said. They had started with above-average bone mass for their age and gender”.

The team of researchers also conducted the same study on the adults and found that their bone mass content also declined after the surgery.

Kaulfers conducted this study at Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati and after being funded by the U. S. National Institutes of Health, it would be getting published in the March issue of the journal Pediatrics.