Teenage girls to get morning-after pill in Wales

Teenage girls to get morning-after pill in WalesIn an attempt to bring down abortions and unplanned pregnancies, emergency contraception will be available for girls who are under-16 years of age and it will be given out over the counter.

If the pill is thought to be clinically safe it is only then that pills will be dispensed to girls who are less than 16 by more than 700 community pharmacies. Wales is supposed to have Europe's highest teenage pregnancy rates.

It is believed that emergency contraception can be taken within 72 hours after having sex and last year to enable girls get help without waiting for a GP appointment, this move was announced.

Steve Simmonds of the National Pharmacy Association said, "The decision in Wales is a clear endorsement of the expertise and unique accessibility of community pharmacy. Although this service is already offered in Scotland and in many parts of England, we'd like to see it everywhere in the UK free of charge."

Across Britain, the morning-after pill, most commonly Levonelle, is being given to girls who need them and these can be taken from pharmacies in certain parts of England and Scotland free from GP surgeries and sexual health clinics. Outside this are it costs about £25.