More number of deaths due to global midwife shortage

More number of deaths due to global midwife shortageSave the Children is a charity in UK and it had conducted a study in which it was seen that one in three women worldwide gives birth without expert help.

Every year there might be about one million lives that could be saved when it comes to babies if the present shortage of 350,000 midwives was not there.

It stated that Afghanistan was a place where birth consequences could be worst and every day poor hygiene for birth deliveries and lack of awareness, about 1,000 women and 2,000 babies died every day. The reasons that led to their deaths could be easily avoided.

There was a global need to employ more midwives and world leaders were urged to do so by the charity.

It also added that there were more deaths in nations that were poor than what malaria could claim and a campaign for more midwives is being launched.

There were very least chances of a skilled attendant at birth being present in nations that were economically backward and this led to more number of babies and women giving birth dying.