Kids with Anorexia and Eating Disorders

Kids with Anorexia and Eating DisordersAccording to a research from University College London's Institute of Child Health, it has been discovered 208 cases of pre-teens with the effects of anorexia and other eating disorders. It has also been revealed that more girls suffer from disordered eating, among which 82% avoided food compared with only 18% of boys suffering the same symptom.

After suffering from anorexia and eating disorders, kids as young as six have been hospitalized in the UK and Ireland.

The study was led by Dasha Nicholls, a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. The research was carried out with 3,000 contacts, including hospital, university and community consultant pediatricians.

Dasha Nicholls said that the study is first study to reveal the eating disorders among pre-teens in UK and Irish children.

The study found that three in every 100,000 children in the UK and Ireland suffers from eating disorders.

The study also revealed that 37% of children suffering from anorexia, 43% had eating disorders, and 1% had bulimia or over-eaters.

On the other hand, remaining 19% had symptoms of eating disorders. On the whole, 96% of kids avoided food while 84% were said to have a ''morbid preoccupation with food''.