British maternity services need improvement

British maternity services need improvementThere has been a rise in the number of baby deaths in about 14 NHS trusts and this has led to the safety of maternal care in British hospitals being criticized.

Experts have termed the maternal care here as under-resourced and over-stretched.

President of the Royal College of Obstetricians, Tony Falconer, stated that the reports about maternal care are shocking and all this is due to poor leadership, not enough equipment and shortages of staff. For making it better, there has to be consultant care for 24 hours that has to be concentrated in larger institutions.

David Cameron had stated that before elections take place, about 3000 midwives will be there but this has not been fulfilled. For giving services that are high-quality, according to the Royal College of Midwives, about 4,500 extra midwives are needed.

Falconer said, “The number of deliveries is going up, the complexity of the cases is going up and the outcomes are not as good as they could be. There is a major shortfall in midwives and we need 1,000 more consultant obstetricians.”

There has been a constant problem with maternity services in Britain for about 10 years now and this has to be tackled, experts say.