More Investigation Powers Asked For By Ombudsman

More Investigation Powers Asked For By OmbudsmanAccording to Peter Tyndall, no independent body should be given the right to investigate the matters of the hospital.

This has called for the Ombudsman of Wales to ask for more rights for his office to be able to investigate the matters prevailing in the place.

They are actually working to investigate the death of a teenager who died of Leukemia. They were here to inquire about whether or not she was taken proper care of.

As quoted by Peter Tyndall, there was a muddled up system of complaints lodged by the investigation team at the Healthcare office of Wales.

There was an apology received by the inspectorate that said that they shall now change the way complaints are being handled at the place.

According to the reports, the girl who was suffering from this rare type of Leukemia was shifted to the Hospice from the hospital in February 2008. She was sent home in April. She succumbed to her illness in August of the same year.

This incidence raised concerns on the facilities of the hospice and whether or not it is the right place to leave people to be treated.