Patients put at risk due to delay in hospital reform

Patients put at risk due to delay in hospital reformPatients can be put at risk due to delays in reforms regarding hospitals intended by the government, according to a top doctor.

The medical director of North Middlesex Hospital said, “The trust is running out of money because of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's delayed decisions over the future of another hospital, which is fighting partial closure.”

The government has already become a topic of embarrassment and criticism when it comes to the intended reforms and Consultant Stanley Okolo's comments will just put more pressure on the government.

The government has recently stated that it would put its plans on hold seeing the amount of protests the NHS reforms are attracting from people and doctors.

To accommodate patients from Chase Farm Hospital, three new units were built at the hospital in Edmonton, where A&E and maternity units will be shut down.

But no action has been taken by Lansley on this and in an attempt to grant more time to campaigners to come up with something that can help the units that face the threat, the decision has been delayed.

The hospital will have to bear a serious impact, Okolo said and this would mean missing out on £5million a year because of the delays.