Abu Dhabi film festival to include a section on environmental films

Abu Dhabi film festival to include a section on environmental filmsThe organizers of the second annual Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF), to be held in the Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi informed recently that a new section dedicated to films about the environments would be included in the event this time.

While informing about the new category dubbed as ‘Environmental Films,’ Nashwa al- Ruwaini, Director of MEIFF reported, “This program showcases films whose themes are about the environment and humanity's place in the world.”

He further informed that the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi has collaborated with them to form this new section.

This section will include seven films from the UAE, Canada, the US, Britain and France, along with all types of films, documentaries, animation and narratives.

Al-Ruwaini reported, “The environment film section goes hand-in-hand with Abu Dhabi's calls to preserving the environment and its wildlife, through a number of initiatives over the past few years.”

This section has been programmed with the support of Wildscreen, which is a UK-based educational charity working globally to promote the public appreciation of the conservation of nature through films and still images.

Al-Ruwaini said, “We believe that these two programs will add to the rich cultural profile of Abu Dhabi to captivate many more visitors and tourists alike.”

The MEIFF, organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, which would commence on 10th October to last till 19th October, is basically an attempt on Abu-Dhabi’s side to become a vital player in global film industry.