RCS Calls for Radical Reforms in the NHS

RCS Calls for Radical Reforms in the NHSThe health care reforms are under the scanner once again. A report by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has revealed some loop holes in the health care services provided under NHS in Wales and England.

Moreover, Colin Ferguson, RCS Director of Professional Affairs for Wales, claimed that surgeons are giving undue importance to the patients who are in waiting list instead of paying attention to the emergency patients.

Further, many believe that the possible reason for such medical negligence is the struggle to manage the performance based targets as set by the Labor in 1997 to remove patients from the waiting list of elective surgeries.

With the lure of incentives looming over their head, most of the doctors have neglected serious patients who should have been their priority considering the prime responsibility of doctors in mind.

Amid this controversy, emergency doctors defended themselves by iterating the political priority given to the long-awaited patients of surgeries. Earlier this week, David Cameron had openly criticized the anti-NHS reforms proposed by the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley.

Deciphering the crumbling healthcare services provide by the NHS doctors, the RCS reportedly voiced for radical reforms in the health care sector and further, proposed strategic guidelines for the NHS to deliver best possible care to the patients.