Economic Downturn Stimulates the Sale of Antidepressants

Economic Downturn Stimulates the Sale of AntidepressantsA significant rise of 40% in the number of prescription of anti-depressants like Prozac in the last four years has been linked with economic downturn faced by the world. If statistics are to be believed, one in every five people in the UK has reported to be victim of depression.

According to the medical experts, though there is no substantial proof that economic depression is the potential reason for rise in medical prescription of anti-depressants, there are some acute concerns over the impact of social and economic insecurity percolating in the mind of young generation.

Responding to the grave concern, Dr. Clare Gerada, Head of the Royal College of GPs, claimed that it’s quite obvious that mental stress due to economic downturn plays a vital role in affecting the mental health of people.

Moreover, mental health charities have cited an increase in number of people suffering from emotional trauma as they are struggling to provide financial security to their families.

The health experts have highlighted the fact that sub-prime crisis which struck the financial sector in 2008 had witnessed some of the serious cases of mental concerns and further, asserted that financial crunch is one of the potential reason of spiraling growth of the sales of anti-depressants.