Abu Dhabi’s Etihad working towards safe delivery of fish delicacy

The Air Cargo company in Abu Dhabi has airlifted in twenty-two live sturgeon for encouraging its efforts for developing the world's largest caviar factory. The company in question, Etihad Crystal Cargo, made a delivery of a shipment of Siberian sturgeon, whose arrival took place safely on the 21st of last month at the fish farm situated in Musaffah. The plant is a joint venture made by Bin Salem Holding, a local company; with the German conglomerate United Food Technologies.

According to Roy Kinnear, the senior vice president for cargo of Etihad Airways, the Etihad Crystal Cargo team, putting in efforts together in close proximity with their ground handling colleagues and clients, showed such expertise and co-ordination skills in making sure that the fish had been shipped in a secured manner from Frankfurt to their new home in the UAE.

Fishery manufacturing of the luxury delicacy now spread worldwide as being the wild population of sturgeon and paddlefish, and even a source, has dwindled.

The capturing of the caviar-manufacturing fish has dropped down from the previous figure of 1,915 tonnes in the year 2002 to 884 tonnes as recorded in the year 2008, as mentioned in the newest statistics that are found from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.