Enfield Council Tries to Bring Back a Law against Spitting

Enfield Council Tries to Bring Back a Law against SpittingSpitting was considered to be a criminal offence until 1990 and anybody caught spitting on the road had to pay fine of £5 but later it was checked off from the national statute book.

Enfield council is trying to become the first in the country to bring back this law which can make the offender face on–the-spot fines and even a court action if it gets approved by Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke.

Experts believe that if this gets approved then litter wardens would be responsible to make sure that no body spits in the parks and public places in the north London.

The officials from the council explained that spitting was an offensive habit and it was also associated with the risk of lung disease, tuberculosis which has been taking so many lives lately in UK.

Chris Bond, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Enfield Council said, “Banning spitting would help to combat TB, which has been on the increase in London. Residents have come to us to complain about spitting but we want more people to come forward and show their support for a ban”.

On the other hand, Professor John Watson, head of respiratory diseases at the Health Protection Agency, believes that there was very little evidence to support the health risks associated with spitting.