Imperial College Healthcare Trust under Crisis

Imperial College Healthcare Trust under Crisis The Healthcare trust of Imperial College that is responsible for running a number of famous hospitals in the west of London, has an annual turnover of £910m.

Another setback it has received after the others is the departure of three of their senior executives in the past few days. The financial disposition of the entity is already very weak and it is still trying its best to be able to stabilize the figures in their books.

There is going to be an ongoing process of job cuts as well as there is soon going to be the set up of a” Hit Squad” that shall be responsible for fixing the issues being faced by the firm. This new update has come as a fresh blow to the plans made by Mr. Lansley, who is the Healthcare Secretary of the NHS reforms.

The entity as well as the Health Secretary is facing a lot of humiliation in public through the questions being put across to them by the media and the rest of the Healthcare industry.

Effective steps need to be taken soon so that the position of the trust can be made secure and there is the existence of normal operations in the firm.