Pilots’ strike leads to cancellation of Jet Airways flights

A strike carried out by hundreds of pilots at India's top airline, over the sacking of two colleagues, led to the cancellation of four Jet Airways flights out of the UAE on Tuesday.

The industry sources claimed that since Jet made efforts to limit the inconvenience to customers, other airlines had to be called in to accommodate Dubai passengers, who booked on flights to Mumbai and Delhi, along with Abu Dhabi passengers flying to Mumbai.

Due to the strike, about one-third of India's total daily domestic and foreign flights were cancelled.

The protest by pilots was criticized by the airline, as "a planned sabotage of operations that will damage the airline's operations and inconvenience the traveling public."

The strike which is being seen as a huge industrial action, involves between 400 and 600 pilots. There were also reports regarding arguments between the airport staff and the stranded passengers at Indian airports.

"This is the second major protest action by employees of the airline in a year. Jet was forced to back down on sacking 800 flight attendants last year as it tried to cut mounting operating costs in the economic crisis," informed an industry source.