More Veggies Can Lead to Reduction of Cataracts Risk

More Veggies Can Lead to Reduction of Cataracts RiskAccording to a recent study conducted by British scientists, it was found out that those people who eat less of eat and more of veggies are at a lower risk of developing Cataract’s disease.

This was the result of a huge diet survey that was under process for a period of 15 years. The results were of the view that the people who eat less of meat and more of vegetables are at 30-40% at a lower risk of contracting this infection in the later stages of their life.

"People who don't eat meat have a significantly lower risk of developing cataracts," said Naomi Allen, an epidemiologist at the UK's University of Oxford who coauthored the study.

The disease occurs when the lens of the eyes of a person becomes weak and clouded. It is a common disease in older people, and more than half of the population in America either has Cataracts by the age of 80 or have had an operation for the removal of the same.

This new study was conducted by the Doctors of India and they are of the view that if one wants to have a healthy vision for a longer period of time, one should be more inclined towards eating fresh fruits and green vegetables and spare the slaughter of animals for their flesh.