Structure of Brain May Decide the Political Nature: Study

Structure of Brain May Decide the Political Nature: StudyAccording to a new study done by the University College London, it has been found that the difference in the structure of person’s brain may show his interest towards Politics. The study uncovered that with the help of MRI scans the political behavior of a person can be noticed.

The study said, “We found that greater liberalism was associated with increased grey matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, whereas greater conservatism was associated with increased volume of the right amygdale”. The data has been recorded by 90 healthy youngsters who all were from the University College London in the British capital.

The study was published in the Journal Current biology in a report named as “Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure in Young Adults”.

However, it is not sure that these regions decide to form the political nature. The study did not show whether brain structure decides the political nature or not.

Neurologists determined there attitude on liberal, very liberal, middle-of-the-road, conservative to very conservative scales. They used some techniques to inquiry the relation of political mind with the attitudes.

This research was led by Ryota Kanai, and it is the first of its kind and will lead further researches.