Meditation Can Help During Cramps and Pains, Reveals Research

Meditation Can Help During Cramps and Pains, Reveals ResearchAs per the findings of a new study, the meditation can actually rise up the levels of easiness and can heal pains, if done sincerely.

The study that was conducted by the researchers from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical School in North Carolina, recruited some 15 volunteers, who were all seemingly healthy. None of the subjects in the trial group had ever meditated in their entire lives.

The researchers then made each one of them to attend four sessions of meditations for 20 minutes each. The procedure involved slow breathing and the release of negative energy.

After the process completion, they were screened for the MRI scan with a heat device (temperature 49C) being placed at their right leg.

It was then observed that while the intensity of pain dropped by the range of 11-70%, the sense of being uncomfortable was slipped down to 20-93%.

These findings proved the fact that the idea that meditation reduces the pain is not just a perception of mind but it actually happens.

Robert Coghill, the lead researcher of the study, stated: "So that’s really a whopping big effect. It was very surprising to me because I’ve never done anything with meditation before. If anything, I was fairly skeptical about it”.