RCMP and Vancouver Police Officers Oppose the Casino Project

RCMP and Vancouver Police Officers Oppose the Casino ProjectA group of 16 retired officers of RCMP and Vancouver police, a currently serving RCMP sergeant and a police psychologist have urged the Vancouver city council not to approve the huge casino project. The officers have written a letter to the Vancouver city council mentioning that the casino will increase criminal activity and gambling addiction in the city.

Casinos are known for citing money laundering, loan sharking, extortion and prostitution. Such activities will affect the society and young generation. These activities also increase the cost of health, policing criminal justice, social services and corrections systems.

The letter says that B. C. already has a number of gambling addicts and drug addicts. The casino will only increase the number of these people and will not do anything good for the society.

The casino project is part of a $450-million hotel and entertainment complex. The complex has been planned to be constructed between BC Place Stadium and the Cambie Bridge.

The project belongs to a Las Vegas developer, Paragon Gaming Co. who has promised to generate 1,000 jobs in the casino and the 500-room hotel. The project was announced in March 2010.