Injured Flintoff to move to Dubai for post-surgery recovery

As per the media reports, for the next few months, the injured England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff will be staying in Dubai, hoping to recover in the warm weather.

Flintoff, 31, who underwent a microfracture surgery on his right knee, is in the early stages of a rehabilitation programme. He will move his family out to the United Arab Emirates till Christmas.

Flintoff said: "It's always easier doing rehabilitation in warm weather and that's the main reason why we've decided to go to Dubai. Three years ago when I was recovering from my ankle, we all went to Florida as a family and it worked really well and I see this being a similar situation."

"I can't drive for at least another six weeks, so it will be difficult getting from A to B and doing my rehabilitation without relying on someone else to drive if I stayed in England. Where we are staying in Dubai, all I have to do is press the right button in the lift to get from our apartment to the gym and everything I need is on the doorstep," he continued.

It has appeared that Flintoff will be working with ex- England physio Dave Roberts, one of his close friends; and surgeon Andy Williams will also be kept informed of his recovery.

He has been given the all-clear to fly, in spite of the fact that he is suffering from deep vein thrombosis, as a result of the surgery.

Flintoff is currently on a course of anti-coagulants, and will have to walk with the help of crutches for a minimum of one more month.

"When I came out of the operation I was actually quite surprised how good my knee was. My calf was stiff but it got progressively worse and about a week after the operation it got really sore," he expressed.