Plastic surgeon’s views about making faces look good

HospitalCosmetic surgery is something that is gaining popularity. People want to look as celebrities and for this they approach plastic surgeons but their view of beauty has to be important as they are ones who have the responsibility of turning someone beautiful.

Rajiv Grover is a consultant plastic surgeon at King Edward VII Hospital in London. Apart from this he also has a private practice in Harley Street and is president-elect of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

He stated that a beautiful face is all about minimal distracting features, that has a symmetry, the central facial triangle has to be strong, eyes have to be wide and lips should be proportionate to the face.

While citing the example of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen prints of famous faces, he stated that all he does is nose is represented by tiny dots, most of the face is dominated by lips and the eyes and faces look good by putting emphasis on these three aspects.

He added, “Having said that, many operations require me to make a judgment of aesthetics. If I’m doing a rhinoplasty, reshaping someone’s nose, it’s not just about creating a nice shape; I have to look at a nose in the context of the face.”