Differences in mortality rate due to bowel cancer surgery

bowel-cancer-surgeryAccording to a study there is a wide variation in the survival rate for bowel cancer surgery between hospitals.

For any cancer in England, people dying within 30 days of surgery, has been reported for the first time.

The average of people dying after a surgery was 6.7 per cent but there is higher mortality rate in hospitals.

The situation was a cause of concern according to the Cancer Research UK as in the UK, the third most common cancer is bowel cancer.

From 1998 to 2006, about 160,920 people who had surgery for tumor removal were seen and analyzed. There was a dip from 6.8 to 5.8 per cent in the mortality rate in that period.

There were differences in the death rates of certain hospitals and three had significantly lower rate and five had a higher rate.

By 2008 all these hospitals had improved and had lower death rates, according to the preliminary data

Consultant surgeon at Burton Hospitals Trust, James Eccersley, said, “The Trust is aware that constant vigilance and improvement has reduced our mortality rate after surgery. We always strive to take on board new innovations to make surgery even safer.”