Survey Result Creates Panic

Survey Result Creates PanicA report given by a group of consultants and nurses has claimed that they have observed many potentially harmful errors and miscalculations in the past one month.

The survey was done at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. The survey was made on the members suffering including those due to work stress and also due to the availability of the hand washing materials.

The survey report claims that four out of 10 nurses and the doctors working over here feel that the service of the healthcare facilities ,which they provide to the patients, are not up to the standard.

The report also claimed that around 42% have witnessed at least one incident in which a staff, patient, or a service user has been hurt.

The report also claimed that around 65% of the doctors and 57% nurses have noticed potentially harmful errors.

These results have put this hospital among the bottom nine hospitals in England.

Royal College of Nursing Spokesperson claimed that these results have been horrifying and the staff working over there have been put into more pressure when the hospital authority have announced a plan for £52.75m cuts last week.

The spokesperson added, “Impact has been that there are not enough nurses on the wards doing the jobs that need to be done. That leads to things that do get missed or left”.