Boy Suffering from Meningitis Dies

Boy Suffering from Meningitis DiesReports have confirmed that a teenage boy from Gateshead died at the hospital after he was diagnosed with meningitis. Moreover, 2 people from Emmanuel College were reported to be suffering from meningitis since the last weekend.

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has confirmed this report regarding the death of this teenage boy. They also claimed that the health of the other is slowly improving and they are out of danger.

According to the health officials, the meningococcal bacteria, which is responsible for meningitis does not spread very easily.

Speaking when the cases were first confirmed, Dr. Tricia Cresswell, of the Health Protection Agency, said: "Only people who have had prolonged, close contact with the students are at a slightly increased risk of becoming unwell. The germ which causes the illness lives naturally in the back of the nose and throat and many people carry it without ever becoming unwell”.

He also claimed that meningitis causes blood poisoning in people which can be very fatal and sometimes causes death.

Though, it was being investigated whether the cases were interlinked or not, the students of the college are told to maintain various precautionary measures. The entire year 10 pupils were offered antibiotics for their safety.