Kidney Damage is a Severe Side-effect of Diet Drugs

Kidney Damage is a Severe Side-effect of Diet DrugsCanadian researchers have reported that there is a link between the diet drugs and the increase of kidney diseases. The researchers have reports a possible link in case of Roche’s Xenial.

The researchers have claimed that the statistical report reads that 0.5% of the new orlisat users were being hospitalized after they were found with kidney problems last year. This year the number has jumped to 2%.

Dr. Matthew Weir, who worked on the study, said a few earlier case reports had found kidney problems in people on Xenical, but it wasn't listed among the drug's side effects.

"I'd just like to add that this study should be interpreted cautiously", he noted in an email to Reuters Health. "It is observational and cannot prove causality."

Reports of last year claimed that US health officials have warned people about a rare liver disease caused due to Xenical or GlaxoSmithKline's Alli. Both these drugs were found to have orlistat as their ingredients.

The total sales of Alli touched $317 million in the year 2009. Xenical was also sold in the world market and have made revenue of 400 million Swiss francs.