Risk of low blood sugar can be managed well

/blood-sugarIt has been reported by British researchers that dangerous levels of low blood sugar overnight can easily be cut down along with a major improvement in blood sugar control by a test to assess the concept of an artificial pancreas for the management of type1 diabetes.

Study's lead author Roman Hovorka, a principal research associate at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, said, “An analysis of pooled data showed that the overall time that plasma glucose levels were in target ‘increased by a median 28 per cent’ with the artificial pancreas.”

An artificial pancreas that is really effective has been produced by Hovorka's team and the artificial pancreas system has also been termed as closed loop delivery and closed loop system.

The system comprises many aspects to control the sugar levels and these are insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors that has a sophisticated computer algorithm that directs all these devices their plan of action once the levels of sugar are seen to fall and rise.

People who are suffering from type 1 diabetes can be benefited by an effective artificial pancreas to a great extent.