Councils in England Cut Back Free Adult Social Care

Councils in England Cut Back Free Adult Social CareA recent survey has found that councils have reduced the levels of support they provide to older people. The survey conducted by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Adass) has unveiled that the number of free adult social care councils in England, which are cutting back in their services has increased by 13% in this year.

The Adaas has also found that only 26 out of 148 councils will fund the people in low or moderate needs. Earlier, there were 41 councils to fund these people. About 19 local councils have raised the eligibility criteria for free adult social care. The categories of people eligible for the funds include; severely ill or disabled people who faces difficult in preparing a meal for themselves or taking a bath.

The step has been taken following a sharp reduction in central funding for local authorities. The government said that it has recently granted an extra £2billion an year by 2014-2015 for social care services. Most of the local authorities said that they have to save money and they do not have an option other than cutting one of their biggest areas of spending.