Landmark Hotel Receives Clearance from Environmental Health Officials

Landmark Hotel Receives Clearance from Environmental Health OfficialsThe leisure centre at the Landmark Hotel has received clearance from the environmental health officials. The leisure centre was closed since March 17 after a guest was detected with Legionnaires disease. The patient was diagnosed with the fatal diseases after he used the facilities at the leisure centre of the hotel. The patient was admitted to Ninewells Hospital and the leisure centre of the hotel was closed for about a month after the outburst of bacteria.

About 134 staff and guests at the Landmark Hotel were diagnosed with some illness after contacting the Legionella bacteria.

Now, the health authorities have given a green signal to re-open the hotel. Dr. Finn Romanes, NHS Tayside, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, said that they had identified 134 people with flu-like illness after they visited the Landmark Hotel.

The health authorities investigated the hotel and its leisure centre and finally the Dundee City Council Environmental Health Officers allowed the hotel to re-open. The officers have confirmed that all safety measures were taken and now the hotel is safe for public use.