Lansley Reveals Reasons behind NHS Reforms

Lansley Reveals Reasons behind NHS ReformsHealth Secretary, Andrew Lansley has finally revealed the reasons behind all the radical changes he’s making to the NHS.

In 1992, Mr. Lansley was sent home from the hospital after doctors failed to realize he had suffered a heart attack. Luckily for him, his wife is a doctor and demanded further tests to be done on him, which resulted in a scan showing the true situation of his health before he was able to get the treatment he needed to get better.

He said that after that experience, he knew things had to change within the NHS. “My case illustrates a problem with the NHS”, he said. “If you are articulate and know what you want, you can argue your way through to it. If you’re not, then you just get what you’re given. The NHS must treat patients in ways that respond to their needs and give them information, whether they ask or not”.

However, since there has been so much disagreement over the reforms he wants to make, Mr. Lansley promised the people that he would have more consultations before the reforms are officially introduced.

Many people, including Nick Clegg, view his reforms as a privatization of the NHS and are decidedly opposed to what he’s trying to do. They say that they will work to ensure this does not happen.