Heart Attack Patient Made to Wait 14 Hours in a Flight

Heart Attack Patient Made to Wait 14 Hours in a FlightAn award winning BBC World Service journalist, Max Pearson, had to endure 14 hours in a flight in a heart attack. It has been revealed that Pearson was on his way to Singapore in a flight while he encountered heart attack.

In spite of his request to pilot to turn around, the pilot refused to do so and made him struggle for life for 14 hours. Pearson was given first aid by the doctor present in the flight. He had a life-saving emergency surgery at Harefield Hospital in West London after the plane landed at Heathrow. Though his life was saved but he had endured serious heart damage because of 14 hours delay.

It is believed that he will be suing the pilot for putting his life in danger. However he hasn’t commented anything upon it yet on being asked he said, “I don’t want to talk about it yet. It’s a very delicate situation”.

His friends are astonished and happy that he survived. Pearson has shown greater courage in fighting with the heart attack, though he’s health is in poor state, it is hoped that he will overcome all weakness.