Boom for private healthcare providers following NHS cuts

nhsFollowing NHS cuts bite, a boom in business is expected, according to one of the UK's leading private hospital providers. Apart from this, there will be an increase in waiting times also and treatment will be paid for by patients who have the money.

Spire Healthcare is UK’s second largest hospital and a survey was carried out in which 500 GPs were included and it stated that healthcare services are now being restricted by primary care trusts, and this is being done so that something can be done to save NHS from getting abolished under the coalition government's reforms.

The country has about 39,000 GPs and 500 are a little population out of them and seeing their responses, there is just an addition to the already existing evidence that the cuts are already being implemented. Offering a reduced service to patients has been reported by most of the GPs.

Fertility area has been reporting cuts and this has been reported by over 77 per cent, weight-loss treatments have been seeing reduction as reported by 70 per cent, about 40 per cent GPs have stated that even ophthalmology services are facing restrictions and orthopedic services are also facing restrictions.