Care home failures revealed

Care-homeElderly residents are not being treated well and this has been revealed by an undercover investigation into residential care homes. These residents are being denied basics like lack of basic care, inadequate meals and more.

Which? ran an operation in which actors were made to go to four unnamed care homes in England and they all posed as residents and they revealed some shocking truths about what happened.

Two examples that were seen to be most shocking were a resident being dragged to the toilet by one arm by a carer and another resident when trying to get up from a chair being pushed back by the head and shoulder.

Care Quality Commission, CQC, was sent the reports and with immediate effect the admissions to this care home was suspended.

Meals served were very late, were not enough in nutrition and size and in a single week, a researcher faced massive weight loss.

Staff was found to be deficient when it came to management and communication skills and residents at times had to go without food for about 17 hours.

Tighter measures were what Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?, called for to make sure that the care homes found to be short when it comes to care faced adequate action.