Study Reveals Swearing Can Give Relief from Pain

Study Reveals Swearing Can Give Relief from PainTelegraphed reported that if any person is in pain and ibuprofen is not close by then one can choose to swear words to get the relief. The researchers in England have found out that swearing couple of words during pain can bring great relief.

This study was done at Keele University. The researchers have found that swearing words can do miracles and can act as a powerful painkiller.

During the research, student volunteers were asked to put their hands in ice-cold water and were told to swear repeatedly. The students were then asked to put their hands back in frigid water, again they were told to swear.

After the entire drill, the researchers found that people who did swearing were able to put their hands in the ice-cold water for a longer time.

‘Swearing provokes an emotional response in the face of stress akin to the “flight and fight” response (how the body reacts to perceived threat or danger). I think the benefit of swearing as a response to pain lies in the field either before medical intervention arrives or for minor injuries’, researchers explained.

This experiment proved that swearing really helped to curb out the pains to a certain levels during intense pain.