Daffodil: An Event to Support Patients Suffering From Terminal Cancer

A significant amount has been collected through the occurrence of the event “daffodil”, organized in the memory of a renowned businessman’s son, who has died because of an aggressive form of cancer.

An amount of £2,300 is estimated so far in Widnes and Runcorn from the supermarket and the grounds collection in addition to £73,000, raised through the appeal made across the region.

Natives have shown high spirits to make the event successful thereafter, the Marie Curie Community Fundraiser, Michelle Bate said: “Thank you to everyone in Runcorn who made a donation, wore a daffodil, and helped Marie Curie Cancer Care, and a massive thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to rise over £500 throughout the appeal”.

All the collected funds would be directed to help the Marie Curie, and it can continue to offer its services free of cost to the people suffering with terminal cancer along with the patients who are at the verge of death and equally supported by their families to die at the home.

The fundraiser also expressed deep gratitude to the volunteers and other participants for their dedication and efforts.