Proper Information on Breast Cancer Treatments is Beneficial for Patients: Study

A recent research conducted by the researchers from University of Michigan’s School of Public Health has found that women who have knowledge about different breast cancer treatments make smarter choices as compared to others.

Zikmund-Fisher, Assistant Professor at the U-M School of Public Health and a Research Assistant Professor at the U-M Health System said that women who are not good with numbers face difficulty in understanding the risk information which helps them in making right decision.

Zikmund-Fisher and Co-Authors, Peter Ubel and Andrea Angott of Duke University evaluated whether asking women to make a series of simpler choices rather than one complex decision would help them understand when aggressive post-surgery therapies, such as chemotherapy, actually yield larger benefits or not.

The results revealed that the group of women in the study who weren't good with numbers became confused when faced when they were given four treatment options at once. These women chose chemotherapy whether its benefit would be 1% or 5%, to escape from the situation.

The group of women who were good with numbers made smarter choices and choose beneficial options.