Halaven enters UK market

breast-cancerUK market has a new hope when it comes to breast cancer patients as a new drug has been launched into the market by Japanese drug-maker Eisai launched. The marine-based drug Halaven claims to help women who have advanced breast cancer.

Last month there was a go ahead given to Halaven, eribulin, by European regulators. The patients for whom this go ahead was meant were those who were suffering from locally advanced breast cancer and had no respite even after at least two chemotherapy regimens.

Breast cancer yearly claims about 16 per cent of deaths and in the UK it is the most common cancer. Treatment options available for women who have early breast cancer and will get advanced form or metastatic form are limited and this percentage is 30 per cent of women.

Patients who are diagnosed with an advanced stage will be benefited as it is the first single-agent therapy that improved survival and this has led to Halaven's emergence on the market causing quite a buzz among clinicians.

According to consultant medical oncologist Andrew Wardley, “Halaven addresses an urgent need for new treatment options for women with advanced breast cancer who have previously received multiple treatments.”