70% Drop In MRSA after Generating Awareness by Performances

70% Drop In MRSA after Generating Awareness by PerformancesThe staff of the hospital performed in classic hit YMCA in order to educate staff about the superbug and to generate awareness in humorous way. The hospital performed in the hilarious stunts and they educated the people of the Village. The performance included everyone from bosses, nurses and doctors, to cleaners and porters.

Many hospitals in the UK, America and Australia are also adopting this method to educate staff in order to help to wipe out the superbug.

Even the bosses also performed in the classic disco hit YMCA, though the name of the performance was changed to MRSA.

Julian Hartley, the Chief executive at the University Hospital of South Manchester also performed in the campaign. Julian filmed a scene in which she washed her hands at a basin, while he was singing a song. He also asked patients to join the campaign to clean out the MRSA.

A Spokeswoman, Susan Osborne said the videos were the further step to tackle the serious issue in a funny way. These scenes were filmed near the University Hospital of South Manchester in extra time by the staff.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hartley said that around 70% of the MRSA cases were declined with the help of two-year long campaign.