Gastric Bypass Operation Gives New and Reduced Weight to Natalie

Gastric Bypass Operation Gives New and Reduced Weight to NatalieGastric bypass operation has given Super–slimmer, Natalie Rowe a new life as post being operated; she has reduced more than half of her body weight and is luckily feeling very new of her own self.

By the gastric bypass operation, Natalie, who was initially 24st 2lbs gone to 9st 12lbs almost two years ago. Her body weight and stats have shed so much that she can now even squeeze her entire frame into one leg of her old trousers.

The 5ft 4in customer sales rep, 27, said she feels “like a new woman”. Natalie, of Rugeley, Staffs, was struggling to control her weight since she was in school and thus after losing so much, she now happily says that “At 24 stone you can imagine life wasn’t the best. I couldn’t stand for long or walk very far. But I feel great now, it’s changed my life.”

This new life has definitely enabled Natalie to make plans for her wedding with her long-term partner Matthew Hammond, who she said “enjoys the new me”.

Though still a surgery is required to remove the excess skin of Natalie but she has already been gifted by a new life. Natalie has also started backing a study recommending gastric bypasses for the obese, which would cut costs to the NHS in the long term.