FDA Panel Unanimously Votes in the Favor of Telaprevir

FDA Panel Unanimously Votes in the Favor of TelaprevirVertex Pharmaceuticals has finally received a clean go for its Hepatitis C drug, telaprevir which is known to be the first drug launched by the Massachusetts firm in nearly a decade.

Though a medical advisory committee, including some medical authorities from different parts of the nation, has voted in the favor of the drug but sources suggest that the Food and Drug Administration has still to make a final decision.

In an official statement, Dr. Shelley George, Vice President in the hepatitis C therapeutic area for Vertex, said that they were absolutely thrilled as it was a fantastic milestone for the patients and for the company.

CSO Peter Mueller stated, “Hepatitis C is a curable disease with potentially devastating consequences if left untreated, so we are pleased by the Committee's unanimous recommendation to approve telaprevir for a broad group of people with hepatitis C. We look forward to working with the FDA as it prepares to make its decision next month”.

The officials from the company have been working on the drug since 1993 and they reported that they would be changing its name after getting the final approval.

This drug is believed to bring hope for many as medical experts suggest that more than 3.9 million Americans are infected with hepatitis C and there is a huge chunk of people who are not even aware of their disease.