Leeds Hospitals Slapped a Fine of £500,000 over Superbugs

Leeds Hospitals Slapped a Fine of £500,000 over SuperbugsLeeds Hospitals has failed to battle against the healthcare-linked infection, MRSA superbugs cases, and hence Leeds hospitals fined over superbugs.

The latest figure disclosed that the cases of super bugs have overflowed at hospital and the hospitals have to pay fine of £500,000 for their failure, as they did not control the superbug cases.

According to YEP, it was reported that the cases of superbug exceed the limit and hence the fine of £100,000 has been imposed. The City’s hospitals have to pay another fine of £100,000.

The statistics reported the the figure has been contravened in February with the admission of four new cases of superbug, so another fine of £100,000 levied.

The Director of Informatics of Teaching Hospital, Alison Dailly, said that the cases reported at the hospital between November 2010 and March 2011 has exceeded the targets, which allows only one case of superbug per month. The hospitals failed and hence they have been fined.

Ms. Dailly revealed that almost 23 cases of MRSA have been reported in last 11 months till February, which is less than 37 cases reported last year, but it exceeded the limit.

Ms. Dailly asserted, “As the local trajectory has now been exceeded for 2010/11, the trust will not achieve the target for the year”.

Meanwhile, Chief Nurse, Ruth Holt said that they are taking serious steps for the issue and they will perform better now.