GPs' Alcohol Advice is worth £28m a Year

GPs' Alcohol Advice is worth £28m a YearDoctors in the region have recently confirmed that more than hundreds of GP consultations that take place every day in the Lothians are because of alcohol abuse.

A survey has been done by the Edinburgh-based British Medical Association in Scotland, according to which, the alcohol abuse appointments cost the country about £28 million a year i. e. 6% of all the GP consultations are related to drink and alcohol abuse. Thus, the issue has prompted urgent calls for politicians to make it top of their agenda.

Total 31 similar practices were done in a day during April and the above report has been based on the respective samples through which it was concluded that across Scotland only total 5500 such meetings took place.

Dr Alan McDevitt, Deputy Chairman of the BMA's Scottish GPs Committee, said: "We wanted to conduct this survey to demonstrate very clearly how much of an impact alcohol practice has on the everyday work of general. Those who suffer from alcohol-related health problems are not just alcoholics or heavy binge drinkers. By regularly drinking over and above recommended limits, a significant proportion of the adult population is at risk of experiencing health problems linked to the alcohol they consume".