Healey Commits Labour Party to Fighting Health Bill

Healey Commits Labour Party to Fighting Health BillAccording to shadow Health Secretary John Healey, under a Labour government, general practitioners wouldn’t have actual budgets to commission. He also stated that he was fundamentally opposed with the nearing alignment of clinical and financial responsibilities, and that he would slow down Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s spreading out of the NHS market.

Additionally, he stated that the Labour party, if it came into power, would take away all of Monitor’s expanded duties in an effort to enforce competition, to continue Andy Burnham’s work and policy of making the NHS the ‘preferred provider’.

Mr. Healey said he doesn’t like the idea of general practitioners handling the commissioning of the NHS budget because it creates great conflicts of interest in the doctor to patient relationship.

“It has the potential to undermine the essential trust between a GP and a patient”, said Healey. “The commissioning function is a public function. It can be largely led by GPs, but it should have the governance, accountability and the status of a properly and publicly accountable body”.

Because the next election won’t happen for some time, Healey said that Labour would focus most of its efforts on fighting Lansley’s health bill. He compared the bill to an iceberg; with a “huge ideological bulk below the waterline” that no one wants to talk about.