NHS Officials Launch Investigation in Glasgow

NHS Officials Launch Investigation in GlasgowThe Health officials of NHS have launched an investigation into the Glasgow after the confirmation of Legionnaires Disease. The NHS Greater Glasgow has confirmed that five people were recently tested positive with the disease. One of these patients died last week whereas a woman, aged 30, is in a critical condition.

The officials have also confirmed that other three patients are in a stable condition and responding well to the treatment. Public Health Consultant, Dr. Syed Ahmed said that the health officials have found no link between the previous cases. He further added that a small number of cases are reported from the community every year but the rise in the number of cases is unusual.

Legionella bacteria are found in water and they can spread through aerosols produced from water, such as air conditioning and showers. The symptoms of legionella infection include: headache, fever, dry cough, breathing difficulties, stomach pains and diarrhea. The infection from legionella bacteria is uncommon because they can spread from one person to another.

The investigation has been launched by NHS Greater Glasgow in association with Health Protection Scotland and the Health and Safety Executives.