Reforms in NHS Paused

Reforms in NHS PausedReports have suggested that the NHS reforms have been halted by David Cameron after the crisis started.

The Prime Minister has stated that one of the civil service press adviser and the special advisor will be transferred to the Department of Health.

There was a lot of criticism regarding the health reforms in the country, thus this reform has been stopped for the time being.

Sean Worth will become a close advisor for Mr. Lansley. The Department of Health authorities have claimed that there was an absence of the press advisor. This has hampered the workings of this organization.

Last month, it was decided that these reforms in NHS would be stopped for the time being.

A Downing Street spokesman said: "Safeguarding the NHS for future generations is a priority for the Coalition Government, and we have just launched a major listening exercise to engage with the public and health professionals on our modernisation plans. It is only right that the Government focuses its resources on priority areas".

It was also revealed that Tim Kelsey has been supported for management consultancy McKinsey. A huge £75,000 will be paid for this six month work.